The Boys We Love

FYI: Faces are not set in stone - if you are unhappy with a face message me a SUGGESTION for a face change and we will discuss it. All pictures will be provided for you when you get accepted to the group. 

Barrett Turner

AGE: 19
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) | Narcissistic Personality Disorder 
SYMPTOMS: Delusional, has a grandiose sense of self-importance, provactive (or seductive) behavior, excessive concern with physical appearance, rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others.
RESIDENCY: 5 months
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Barrett's need to objectify woman and control them  started with his teachers and girls at school. But when he was reported for attempted rape things had been pushed too far. Deeming him a threat to society Barrett was sent to Fergus Falls to seek the help he needed in controlling his urges.
PERSONALITY: Barrett has two distinctive personalities. There is no way to tell which personality is more dominate at this point but they come and they go as they like. Personality A is the sweet talking, ladies man side of Barrett. He flirts and sends suggestive comments towards the female residents and staff. He also is self obsessed in this personality. Personality B is the hard, shit talking side of Barrett. This side loves the tension and drama that can be found at Fergus Falls and when there is a lack he will create drama just to enjoy it.
BRIEF BIO: Barrett grew up in a home where his father was the dominate figure and his mother was the Stepford Wife type. He learned at a young age that woman were to be objectified and that they should only be praised when you needed something or they gave you what you wanted. This mentality laid the format for Barrett's personality. When woman were the dominate figure in a situation Barrett would feel threatened and withdraw from them and become depressive in nature.
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Ross Austin

AGE: 22
RESIDENCY: 2 years
SYMPTOMS: Morbid fear of wide open spaces, crowds, or uncontrolled social conditions. Fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no perceived easy means of escape. Social anxiety. Avoid public and/or unfamiliar places, especially large, open spaces such as shopping malls or airports where there are few places to hide. May become confined to home, experiencing difficulty traveling from this safe place. 
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Murder durring a panic attack blackout, scratching his arms when he feels uncomftorable to the point of bleeding.
PERSONALITY: In outdoor or large places, he is obnoxious and repelling, and fairly different from his attitude when he is in a normal room. When he is inside, his attitude is calm, friendly, kind, sweet, and charming. It is like a demon possesses him once he takes step into an open room. It's easy to tell his moods from his facial expressions.
BRIEF BIO: Ross grew up in the city and he learned quick that the outside world was harsh and cold. The older he got the less time he wanted to spend outside. And he slowly stopped going out all together. He started homeschooling himself and when he graduated he decided that online classes were best for him. When his parents forced him to move it is when the first break happened. He ended up having a sever panic attack and was rushed to the hospital. His parents left the apartment to Ross and moved out leaving him everything he had ever known to avoid another attack. But two years ago Ross got very sick and had to go to the doctor. Leaving the apartment was enough to send the boy into a rage.
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Kellin Garrison

AGE: 19
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Renfield's Syndrome aka Clinical Vampirism
SYMPTOMS: Drinking blood, hallucinations, disordered thinking, decreased sensitivity to pain.
RESIDENCY: 3 months
SENTENCING: Until Further Notice
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Kellin was caught during a ritual one night by the police and placed in custody. Upon searching the boys apartment and finding the stashes of blood more investigations were done until it finally came out that the boy had delusions of being a supernatural creature.
PERSONALITY: Kellin just completely seems to be evil. He likes to terrorize the other residents with his menacing laugh and ways. He targets their fears and plays them against them very well. He's the daredevil type and likes to show off his decreased sensitivity to pain and will do so without warning.
BRIEF BIO: Kellin's parents abandoned him at birth. He was dropped at a hospital and from their he bounced between foster homes. He always found it hard to conform and fit in. He eventually withdrew from society and got out of the system as quickly as he could. He started walking the streets at night. He stumbled upon the Vampirism scene one night and never wanted to go back to his old lifestyle. He started participating in rituals and worked as an apprentice under a veteran of the night. Kellin's new lifestyle gave him the acceptance he'd never been able to find.
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