These are the lovely female residents of our hospital.

Constance Hightower

AGE: 18
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
SYMPTOMS: Display of multiple and distinct identities or personalities, headaches/body pains, flashbacks of abuse/trauma, auditory hallucinations of personalities in her mind, frequent panic attacks, and sudden anger without a justified cause.
RESIDENCY:  1 month
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Constance lashed out at a young child at a birthday party she was attending. She struck the child and had to be restrained from trying to hurt him even further. While being tried for the assault Constance's DID became very prominent and the judge called off the trial until her disorder was controlled.
PERSONALITY: Constance has three distinct personalities. The first being a small child, she is sweet, caring, lovable and very naive. The second is a harsh, judgmental and violent girl who has a hatred for the world. The last personality is Constance's main personality. She is a sweetheart who gets along with everyone. 
BRIEF BIO: Constance had a very normal childhood. She had friends she went to school and she liked to hang out. There was nothing to say that Constance would have a mental break because the abuse she had received as a child. Constance went to a babysitter like most young children with working parents do. But Constance's babysitter had very little patience for the children she watched and that resulted in the abuse that Constance received between the ages of 7 -11. Over those four years Constance started to have panic attacks and she became very angry with those around her. As time went on her family started to notice the little girl side of Constance a lot more than usual. They brushed it off as the girl being needy and whiny. This disregard for from her family made her pull deeper into herself where she manifested the evil persona that comes out all too frequently.

Arden Saur

AGE: 20
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) | Social Anxiety Disorder
SYMPTOMS: Severe depression and anxiety, social isolation, hallucinations, delusional thoughts and beliefs related to perceived appearance defects, Bulimia, chronic low self-esteem, avoidant personality, excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval. 
RESIDENCY: 2 weeks
REASON FOR BEING HERE: After almost suffering a heart attack from her low body weight Arden was hospitalized for weeks before she was sent to Cliffside to seek psychiatric help along with her medical help for her struggle with bulimia.
PERSONALITY: Arden has always sought attention but rejection made Arden strive for perfection. She avoids contact with others for fear that they will reject her or judge her. She can often be heard crying in her room late at night. 
BRIEF BIO: Arden was always a happy, beautiful child. But at the tender age of 17 her long-term boyfriend left her for another girl and it drove her crazy. It made her rethink everything she'd ever known. She stopped eating for a while but when people started to question her she changed to bulimia to hide her new found friend. It was on her 18th birthday that Arden was introduced to the magical world of body art. She got her first tattoo and fell in love with the needle. Arden used to the art to cover up what she found as flaws but continued to keep her bulimia a secret from those around her. Until her body decided it had had enough. Arden wants to get better but she's loving her new body and isn't ready to give it up.

Bayleigh Simms

AGE: 17
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Narcissistic Personality Disorder
SYMPTOMS: Ostentatious sense of self-importance, requires excessive admiration, lacks empathy, arrogant or haughty behavior or attitude. 
RESIDENCY: 1 month
SENTENCING: Until Further Notice
REASON FOR BEING HERE: In a fit of rage, Bayleigh pushed her younger sister down the stairs one night after her parents had paid more attention to the younger girl.  When asked if she regretted pushing the younger girl down the stairs Bayleigh simply said, "no." 
PERSONALITY: Besides being narcissistic in nature, Bayleigh is very out spoken, she hardly thinks before she speaks and when her mouth gets in her in trouble she brushes it off like it's nothing.
BRIEF BIO: Before the incident with her sister ballet was Bayleigh's life, she still dances around the hospital and will willingly show off for anyone who will let her. Bayleigh's life was cushy. Her parents were not overly rich but they could afford for their children to do pretty much anything they wanted. Bayleigh traveled the country competing and dancing in different productions. She even was on her way to being on Broadway. All this attention from important people went to Bayleigh's head fas But the fateful night where she broke her sisters arm was the end of any ballet career Bayleigh could have  had.

Kayla Bee

AGE: 15
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
SYMPTOMS: Vivid flashbacks, night/day terrors, difficulty sleeping/falling asleep, inability to differentiate hallucinations from reality.  
RESIDENCY: 3 weeks
SENTENCING: 18 months
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Kayla was brutally raped and beaten by  her mother's boyfriend. After the event she started having horrible night terrors. The young girl would wake up covered in sweat and shaking uncontrollably. One night her mother hear the girl's screams for help and witnessed one of her attacks. She tried to wake her daughter but the girl fought back believing that the man had returned to rape her again.
PERSONALITY: Kayla likes to keep to herself. She has made little effort to talk to anyone at the hospital for fear of them finding out about what happened to her. She can be heard late at night crying in her room and begging for the pain to go away.
BRIEF BIO: Kayla's father left after he found out about her mother's cheating ways. Kayla was only in elementary school when this happened but the split had a big impact on her. She started to withdraw from those around her. And when her mother started bring home different men each night she started to stay out and wander the streets. When Kayla's mother finally settled down with one man Kayla thought all the problems would disappear. But sadly, the only got worse. The man would beat and yell at her mother all night. And eventually her mother stopped being enough for the man. Kayla was sexually assaulted by the man for about two weeks before her mother witnessed the night terrors. She was quickly sent to Fergus Falls to seek the help that she so desperately needed.