These are the male roles that are already taken and residing at the hospital

Damien Sanders

AGE: 17

Camden Addams

AGE: 20
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Alcoholism | Substance Abuse
SYMPTOMS: Sweating or rapid pulse, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, need for increased amounts of chosen drug, increased tolerance to drug/alcohol.
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Camden went out with some of his boys one night and after too much alcohol and psychoactive drugs, acid to be specific, he attempted to drive home. Camden crashed his car and severally injured three people. After he detoxed he was sent to Fergus Falls as a sort of rehab.
PERSONALITY: Camden is your typical laid back guy. He doesn't let much stress him and he just wants to chill. He will do anything to get his next high but knows now that he's going through withdraw that he should be productive with his progress and continue to work on getting better.
BRIEF BIO: Camden grew up in a simple home. His parents did what he could for him and they tried their best to keep him safe and sheltered. But when he got to high school Camden rebelled and drugs were the first place he went to. The drugs made everything that had once been dull in his life seem real. They gave him a sick comfort that he could not reach else where. He was finally happen in his life. But the happiness ended with the high and soon Camden found him on the wrong side of addiction.

Nathaniel Lane

AGE: 17
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Schizoactive Disorder | Schizotypal Personality Disorder
SYMPTOMS:  Odd behavior and thinking, and often unconventional beliefs, supersitious, disorganized or incoherent speech, at times. Unusual movements during hallucinations. Supsiciousness or paranoid ideation. Mistrust of others, highly self-conscious, hypersensitivity to criticism or rejection.
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Nathaniel started manifesting an imaginary friend that he would talk to and confide in about his consperisy theories. When his mother found out about the 'bird' she had Nathaniel checked into Fergus Falls. 
PERSONALITY: Nathaniel wants the popularity he had back so desperately that he is willing to do anything. But after failing so many times he's become very cautious around other people. He does not speak first and does not open up without constant probing. He isn't one to trust easily and even when he feels comfortable enough to talk to you he keeps his guard up.
BRIEF BIO: Nathaniel was always popular he was always, he was always that guy everyone wanted to be. Until his parents moved and he had to switch schools. The stress of making new friends was enough on Nathaniel to make him start to have mild ticks. But when he started to realize that he wasn't fitting in at this new school he started to manifest the bird 'Mozz'. Nathaniel's father wanted nothing to do with the boy when the disorder came about and the rejection of his father made things even worse for the boy. Now all Nathaniel wants is to get better so he can go back to being accepted by his family.