These are the taken roles of the Staff who keep Cliffside Hospital together

Lead Psychiatrist

NAME: Maya Santiago
AGE: 26
PERSONAL LIFE: Maya met her husband Vito in grad school. They were both studying to better not only them selves but the people around them. Their future jobs would eventually send them in different directions but that was a risk they were willing to take when the had a private ceremony after Maya's 21st birthday. After graduation the time came for the two to start careers. Vito's sending him to Bethesda, Maryland and Maya's to Minnesota. The distance was the first of their troubles but slowly Vito stopped coming around for holiday's and special occasions. Ultimately their marriage was a flop and Fergus Falls was all she had left.
LIFE AT FERGUS FALLS: When Maya first arrived at Fergus Falls she was nice, calm, and collected. She was "The Good Doctor." And she became residents escape route from punishment. But after time the female residents she attended to wore her thin. Eventually turning Maya more and more stern with them as she went along. It is still Maya's goal to find a cure for mental illness. But her dream of finding it at Fergus Falls is diminishing fast.

Licensed Physician

NAME: Stephen Kennedy
AKA: Dr. Kennedy
AGE: 26
PERSONAL LIFE: Stephen comes from a wealthy family - both of his parents are doctors. But unlike his parents Stephen has humility. He was constantly bring home stray or hurt animals. He would give his lunch money to the less fortunate kids. As he grew older his donations became more charitable. He married a woman who was suffering from cancer. She was gorgeous and she was his world and after her death he needed something to replace the void he now had.
LIFE AT FERGUS FALLS: He gave up his wealth and luxurious lifestyle to help those who needed him. Since he's been here he's seen patients come and go but he's been smart enough not to form bonds with them. He's slowly starting to pull away from the reality of the outside world and fall deeper into the workings for his patients minds. Stephen is starting to come up with new treatment styles for the patients, some that might press ethical limits. 

Registered Nurse

NAME: Nadia Holmes
AGE: 23
LIFE AT FERGUS FALLS: Nadia met Maya while they were both doing residencies at a hospital in Massachusetts. So when Nadia graduated with her nursing degree and needed a job she called on her old friend to help put in a good word. Nadia was skeptical about working with the mentally ill at first but they have slowly started to grow on her. She has little sympathy for them and their daily problems but she is starting to understand that their illnesses are not their fault and that they really are people