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Rose Andrews

AGE: 19
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Battered Wife Syndrome
SYMPTOMS: Vivid flashbacks, night/day terrors, difficulty sleeping/falling asleep, inability to differentiate hallucinations from reality.   
RESIDENCY: 4 weeks
REASON FOR BEING HERE: Brutally beat her boyfriend one night in their apartment after he forced her to have sex with him.
PERSONALITY: Outside of her flashbacks, Rose is a very pleasant person. She is easy to get along with and very friendly. She is by definition an 'All-American Girl'. 
BRIEF BIO: Rose fell in high school. They were high school sweethearts. Everything was perfect until the graduated and Carter lost his football scholarship after a bad leg injury. He became bitter and angry. He took his anger out on the girl and eventually one night she'd had enough. When Carter went to sleep Rose lay awake on the bed next to him. She was paranoid and when he rolled over and touched her she broke. She beat the boy with the baseball bat she kept under the bed for protection. When she was taken to trial the judge deemed her mentally unstable and had her sent to Fergus Falls.
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Noelle Madina

AGE: 18
MENTAL DISORDER(S): Delusional, Histrionic Personality Disorder
SYMPTOMS: Overly seductive, overly dramatic and emotional, overly sensitive, desire to be center of emotion, quick changing emotions, low tolerance for frustration and delayed gratification, overly concerned with appearance.
SENTENCING: 15 years
REASON FOR BEING HERE:  Noelle was out on a first date with a boy she'd met from work and when he got too drunk to have sex with her she got overly angry and aggressive. The boy had to restrain her until help arrived and even when they did she continued to lash out at the police officers. She even went as far to grope one of the male officers before being put in a cell. 
PERSONALITY: Noelle believes that she is Spanish Royalty and that she deserves to be treated like such. She tends to bark out commands and boss the others around. She interrupts others constantly and openly flirts and hits on the male residents and staff. When she gets denied she turns bitter and acts like she is the Red Queen - "off with your head."
BRIEF BIO: Noelle came from nothing, her parents were divorced when she was a toddler and her mother had to strip to make some income to support her child. At the tender age of 14 Noelle's mother brought home the wrong man and he raped the young girl. This rape taught Noelle that When she was younger she always wanted to be a princess so she would pretend that she was one. But after the rape Noelle sunk back into the princess persona, letting it take over her life completely. Noelle was deemed unfit  and dangerous for society before she was sent to Fergus Falls.